Wednesday, July 11

Reincarnation!! Upasana claims She is Kalpana Chawala!!!

The story of reincarnation, we used to hear in fairy tales and movies only!! But the news of Re-Birth of Indian Astronauts Kalpana Chawala drew my attention.

Does reincarnation really happen?? Still a big Doubt!!

Here is the story.

KHURJA (Uttar Pradesh): A four-year-old girl who claims her name is Kalpana Chawla and that she died up in the skies four years ago is drawing huge crowds in a village here in Uttar Pradesh.

Residents of Nar Mohammadpur village, about 35 km from here, where little Upasana is visiting her relatives, think she might be the reincarnation of the India born astronaut Kalpana Chawla, who died when US space shuttle Columbia crashed four years ago.

The news of the girl's claim spread quickly in the area after she spoke to some villagers here.

"I am Kalpana Chawla," says Upasana, who reportedly fears the sight an aircraft. She has been telling her illiterate parents that she died in a "crash" up in the skies.

"Upasana has been telling us ever since she started speaking that her name was Kalpana Chawla and that her father's name was Banarsi Das Chawla but we could not figure out anything as we had never heard of Kalpana," Upasana's father Raj Kumar told reporters on Friday.

Raj Kumar is a resident of Pata village of Etawah district where he works as a labourer.

"Yet Upasana's proclamation led us all to believe that she was actually talking about her previous birth," he said. "She claims that the spacecraft was hit by a huge ball of ice that sent it crashing and ended her life."

Upasana was born barely two months after the astronaut's death in 2003

Tuesday, July 10

Do you Know!! Some amazing Facts of English Alphabets!!

Letters 'a', 'b', 'c' &’d’ do not appear anywhere in the spellings of 1 to 99
(Letter’d’ comes for the first time in Hundred)

Letters 'a', 'b' & 'c' do not appear anywhere in the spellings of 1 to 999
(Letter 'a' comes for the first time in Thousand)

Letters 'b' & 'c' do not appear anywhere in the spellings of 1 to 999,999,999
(Letter 'b' comes for the first time in Billion)

- And -

Letter 'c' does not appear anywhere in in the spellings of entire English Counting

Monday, July 9

New 7 Wonders Of World!!!

The most awaited result of probably the largest poll of its kind, New Sven Wonder Of World, was announced on 07-07-07 in a Grand Official Declaration Ceremony at Lisbon’s Stadium of Light, Portugal. This great event was live broadcasted in more than 170 countries to an estimated 1.6 billion viewers.

A private Swiss foundation launched the contest in January, allowing voters to choose from 21 sites short-listed out of 77. It said it had gathered nearly 100 million votes by the end of polling at midnight Friday. Short-listed sites that missed the final cut included the Acropolis in Athens; Paris' Eiffel Tower; the Easter Island statues; Britain's Stonehenge; Cambodia's Angkor Wat temples; New York's Statue of Liberty; and the Alhambra in Spain.

And Finally Selected New 7 Wonders of World are as follows:

1) The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá (before 800 A.D.) Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Chichén Itzá, the most famous Mayan temple city, served as the political and economic center of the Mayan civilization. Its various structures - the pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of Chac Mool, the Hall of the Thousand Pillars, and the Playing Field of the Prisoners – can still be seen today and are demonstrative of an extraordinary commitment to architectural space and composition. The pyramid itself was the last, and arguably the greatest, of all Mayan temples.

2) Christ Redeemer (1931) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This statue of Jesus stands some 38 meters tall, atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Designed by Brazilian Heitor da Silva Costa and created by French sculptor Paul Landowski, it is one of the world’s best-known monuments. The statue took five years to construct and was inaugurated on October 12, 1931. It has become a symbol of the city and of the warmth of the Brazilian people, who receive visitors with open arms.

3) The Great Wall of China (220 B.C and 1368 - 1644 A.D.) China

The Great Wall of China was built to link existing fortifications into a united defense system and better keep invading Mongol tribes out of China. It is the largest man-made monument ever to have been built and it is disputed that it is the only one visible from space. Many thousands of people must have given their lives to build this colossal construction.

4) Machu Picchu (1460-1470), Peru

In the 15th century, the Incan Emperor Pachacútec built a city in the clouds on the mountain known as Machu Picchu ("Old Mountain"). This extraordinary settlement lies halfway up the Andes Plateau, deep in the Amazon jungle and above the Urubamba River. It was probably abandoned by the Incas because of a smallpox outbreak and, after the Spanish defeated the Incan Empire, the city remained 'lost' for over three centuries. It was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911.

5) Petra (9 B.C. - 40 A.D.), Jordan

On the edge of the Arabian Desert, Petra was the glittering capital of the Nabataean empire of King Aretas IV (9 B.C. to 40 A.D.). Masters of water technology, the Nabataeans provided their city with great tunnel constructions and water chambers. A theater, modelled on Greek-Roman prototypes, had space for an audience of 4,000. Today, the Palace Tombs of Petra, with the 42-meter-high Hellenistic temple facade on the El-Deir Monastery, are impressive examples of Middle Eastern culture.

6) The Roman Colosseum (70 - 82 A.D.) Rome, Italy

This great amphitheater in the centre of Rome was built to give favors to successful legionnaires and to celebrate the glory of the Roman Empire. Its design concept still stands to this very day, and virtually every modern sports stadium some 2,000 years later still bears the irresistible imprint of the Colosseum's original design. Today, through films and history books, we are even more aware of the cruel fights and games that took place in this arena, all for the joy of the spectators.

7) The Taj Mahal (1630 A.D.) Agra, India

This immense mausoleum was built on the orders of Shah Jahan, the fifth Muslim Mogul emperor, to honor the memory of his beloved late wife. Built out of white marble and standing in formally laid-out walled gardens, the Taj Mahal is regarded as the most perfect jewel of Muslim art in India. The emperor was consequently jailed and, it is said, could then only see the Taj Mahal out of his small cell window.

Though they are still the great wonder of its kind,they could not make it out in top 7 .

Like every poll, this also cant be remain free form Controversy. Checkout here to see in details

Friday, July 6

Is Monsoon Fun or Tragedy???

I came to India, Pune, 5 years back. For first two year there was not so much rain. I still remember the 1st rainy day. I was at my college hostel. I had lots of fun playing with 1st rain till it stopped along with my friends. This was one way to welcome the Monsoon. One of my friends told.

Since last three years it rained pretty well during rainy season and this year it is more than enough. It has been raining day and night from last couple of weeks. There was not a single day I didn’t get wet. I am now fed up with this exhausting rain and waiting eagerly for a day for the Sun to smile. Hope so do all.

Mumbai, one Metro City of India (just around 200kms far from Pune), has been affected lot due to rain this year also. The rain that lashed Mumbai incessantly, submerging large parts of the city and bringing it to a standstill, has broken all records.

The rain that lashed Mumbai incessantly for the last 24 hours, submerging large parts of the city and bringing it to a standstill, has broken all records. From 8.30 a.m on Tuesday to the same time on Wednesday, Mumbai's suburbs recorded an unprecedented rainfall of 944.2 mm, exceeding the previous high of the world's wettest place, Cherrapunjee, which received 838.2 mm on July 12, 1910. Mumbai's highest till now, recorded more than 30 years ago on July 5, 1974, was 575.6 mm in the city (Colaba) and 375.2 mm in the suburbs (Santa Cruz), the weather bureau said.

From 8.30 a.m on Tuesday to the same time on Wednesday, Mumbai's suburbs recorded an unprecedented rainfall of 944.2 mm, exceeding the previous high of the world's wettest place, Cherrapunjee, which received 838.2 mm on July 12, 1910. Mumbai's highest till now, recorded more than 30 years ago on July 5, 1974, was 575.6 mm in the city (Colaba) and 375.2 mm in the suburbs (Santa Cruz), the weather bureau said.

The Record Breaking downpour not only made the record in mm but also took away the life of hundreds(385 till date) affecting thousands of family and caused loss of millions.

Here are the few pictures elaborating affected life in Mumbai due to rain!!

The Monsoon is initially taken as fun and relief from scorching summer. It’s now being great tragedy in daily life. Nobody can make the guess how much tragic is this Monsoon going to be. Lets pray for the God: “ Its enough now.”

Probably!! The Couple with largest number of children

Mohammed Ishaq and Bismillah from Mewat, Harayana, India who got married 1976AD were blessed with their 23rd child last week only. The little one, born last week and named Shabira, is the darling of her parents and her 22 siblings in a nondescript village, Akera, in the backward Mewat region of Haryana.

Mohd Ishaq doesn't remember the names of his 23 kids or even recognize all of them. Yet, he is all set to welcome his 24th child next year."I find it very difficult to remember their names as they all look the same," he said.

Mohammed Ishaq and Bismillah with thier children

Speaking to MiD DAY, a happy and delighted father, Mohammad Ishaq said, "Yeh toh sab Allah ki den hai, agar hamara chaubiswa baccha agle sal hua toh woh bhi hum Allah ki den samjhenge.” (All this is Allah's gift. If we get a 24th child next year, we will welcome it too)"

Bismillah the mother of 23 children hopes that her children will take care of her. "I feed my children chicken, mutton and chivda, with my daughters helping me in the cooking," she says.

Bismillah with Shabira

Do they have no idea of Family Planning or are they doing Anti-Family Planning Campaign?? Whatever it may be, they are going to make world record soon.


Tuesday, July 3

Probably Last Photo from World Trade Center!!

I don't even have any words to say....

A photo from a camera with pictures that had been taken on the trade building of a tourist and the plane is heading behind him to hit the building. The camera was found by rescue workers and developed. I received this e-mail from a retired firefighter neighbor of ours who received it from a firefighter he worked with in Coronado, CA. He volunteered to be on the search and rescue mission and is there for 10 days. It is hard to believe it when you see it and wonder if the person taking the picture realized the plane was going to hit the center. They still don't know who the person is.

Friday, June 29

Suspense of 7!!!Seven wonders of the World!!!

I hope all are aware of 7 wonders of world.One of the biggest global polls ever conducted is going on since last year and till date more than 60 millions have cast votes to their favorite wonders.

Twenty-One, three multiples of 7 wonders from 7 different continents are nominated for this contest organized by NewOpenWorld Foundation, Switzerland.

The New 7 Wonders of the World will be announced during the Official Declaration ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07.

Still 7 more days to go!! If you are still missed to vote, HURRY UP!! Vote for your favorites.
Just Click Here.

One more good news, one of the Travel agency is coming up with mammoth 70 days trip package to 7 wonders of world in just $7000.

Relevant Post!!

Wednesday, June 27

Beautiful Damsels in Israel Military!!

Today just before leaving the office, i got one forward from one of my friends. He is well known for sending the forwards. I still do have around 2000 unread forwards from him. I usually do not open his mails.But unfortunately i clicked on the pop up message showing the incoming mail and the mail get opened.

I was just going so click on red cross sign on the top right corner of my machine.Before i took pointer on the cross sign, picture of gals got opened.Thanx to my 2GB RAM( LOL!!!!)

This forward was collection of snaps of Israel Military.I was so surprised to see such beautiful lasses working for Military.If it were in India, I hope all were working in BOLLYWOOD!!!

I have shared few snaps of hot damsels for my Readers.Hope u will enjoy it.

Please check out the slide show!!

Tuesday, June 26

Drawing , Me and the Exhibition with my Friend's Sketches!!

Drawings and Sketches used to cause nightmare to me in my college days. I still do remember the days, I was struggling with my H/B pencils and drawing sheet to complete my Biology Assignments. From that time I came to know these stuffs are not for me .so I still give immense respect to the Artists. Now I feel enrolling to Electronics Engineering is boon for me where the drawing is just limited to block diagram, Combination of straight lines.

Alike me, one of friends, Bhim, feels drawing is just a cup of tea. But he never makes it as hobby. He draws only in obligation rather than with interest. So did he, when one of his friends requested him to make drawings for exhibition (organized by IndainArt Foundation for Amateur Artist).

He made few sketches and water paintings just for the sake of his friends with in 2 days as he was not given enough time. But still his works were appreciable. Nobody can say these were made in such short time.

Later I was so glad to know two sketches were selected for Exhibition, and gave me immense pleasure to thank him. Credit also goes to his friend, who took hell lots of trouble in submitting it to the organizer and getting it framed for exhibition.

Few Paintings of Amateur Artist

The Exhibition was held in one of famous hall (Bal Gandarva Theatre) in Pune. This was not my 1st visit to the photo exhibition but have to say 1st exhibition where I did observe the art rather than giving the glances. I really enjoyed the great work of amateur artist. Some arts really make me suspect “Were they made by new artists?” because they were simply awesome. I was there with my friends and one of my friend’s Mom.

Few Painting of Amateur Artists

His sketches were hung in the middle of the wall in sketch section with once above other. One was of rose and other was of small hut in hill station. Both are the nice sketches.

Sketch section in the exhibition( middle two are my friend's)

When I asked him reason behind these sketches, he gave me amazing but somehow funny answers.

In his own words: “first rose is just made for my gf coz she keeps complaining that i don’t give her rose...i actually wanted to make the rose look real and fresh and desiring…about the scene it’s the land i made to celebrate my honeymoon. “ Bhim wrote to me in one of the mail. Doesn’t it seem innovative??

Sketches of my friend

I think now his girlfriend feels good to get the rose and always imagines that day to come looking at second sketch!!(She is so Lucky..LOL)

Blogging To Fame!! My blog is Selected in 1st Preliminary Selection!!

Its my Great pleasure to inform my all dear reader that I got selected in 1st Preliminary Selection of Blogging To Fame Contest. My blog ,MiLeStOnE is in 33rd Position in the Blog Ranking out of hundreds of blogs from different corners of the globe.Besides, my other two blogs, My Travel Diary :On d Way 2 NaiNi TaL and My Photo Blog :Amazing Pictures are also doing good progress in Blogging To Fame!!

It gives me immense pleasure to thank all the bloggers who visited my blog and fame me and my blog. I also kindly appeal to all the bloggers –“Please Visit my blog and fame it if it deserves!!”

HATS OFF to all those bloggers whose blogs are in top 30 in Blogging To Fame Contest, especially to Deborah Peterson. Her blog,Life in fast Lane, is on the top with 147 fame.Congratulation to Laktess and Paulofaraujo for holding 2nd and 3rd rank respectively.

Remaining other blogs in Top 30 are as follows

PoeARTica, Maryannaville, Electronic Village, GamesMaisBr, Greg Lunger.com, PLANETACELULAR, eWritings - Online Public Relations, Interesting Observations, The Thinking Blog, Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purplemelon, KLIKDIGITAL, Duty Of Human Being, Cosmic Photo Art, Digital Art World Blog, THE HALF-WIDOWS OF KASHMIR, INSPIRED, Escape The Room, 1 Million Love Messages, My Article World, Dosh Dosh, TopBlogMag, Espreson

A Little Effort to change Myself, Orchid, Tech,Fun, This n That, Fun are my friends blogs who are also in the race of blog fame!! Check them once!!

I wish good luck to all other bloggers who are doing well in Blogging to Fame!!

Once again I appeal –“Please check my blog and fame it if it deserves!!

Friday, June 22

GRT Coincidence of Hindu Mythology and Science!!

Hope all the Hindus ,Who have read/heard the RAMAYAN epic or watched Ramayana Tele serials, are well aware about the bridge between India and Lanka ( now Sri Lanka) constructed by Vanara Sena( Monkeys who were there to help god Rama to get his wife back) in tredha yuga (more than 1,700,000 years ago).

But We all are in great dilemma. Is it in reality or just an epic only?

But the NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka, as mentioned in the Ramayana and named this bridge as “ ADAM BRIDGE

ADAM BRIDGE was made of a chain of shoals, 30 km long, in the Palk Straits between India and Sri Lanka, reveals a mystery behind it.

The bridge's unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man-made. Legend as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge's age is also almost equivalent.

Space images taken by NASA reveal a mysterious ancient bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. The recently discovered bridge currently named as Adam&laqno;s Bridge is made of chain of shoals, c.18 mi (30 km) long.

The bridge&laqno;s unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man made. The legends as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the a primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge&laqno;s age is also almost equivalent.

Check out Slide show to view the photo taken by NASA:

Courtesy : NASA Digital Image Collection

If it comes to be true as mentioned in the Great Hindu Epic “RAMAYANA”, then one question raised in my mind.

Do the Gods Really Exist??


Thursday, June 21

Sorry for being unethical in blogging!!!

So surprised to see the ranking of one of my friends’ blog , who just started blogging last month only. She is far ahead than me in Technorati Ranking. I started 2 months back. Don’t get confused ‘em not jealous. But I just wanted to know how it happened?

I kept on googling through number of blogs and came to know that there was something which just boosts up blog ranking dramatically. In the race of competition, why should I only remain behind if know all. So I also did CTRL+C and CTRL+V in which I have good practice(neways ‘em also S/W engineer LOL…).But I don’t think it is ethical. Anyway let it be.

Here comes unethical part


1.) Copy and paste the matrix of “ViralTags” below courtesy of Founders Cafe.

2.) Substitute the Host Tag and one of the “Viral Tags” in the matrix with your anchor text of choice with your blog’s URL. Please keep anchor text to a max of 3 words to keep the matrix size manageable.

3.) When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their “Viral Tags”, practice good karma by copying his/her Host Tag’s anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your “Viral Tags” below.

4.) Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow virally.

Host Tag: MileStone

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Lets 've a break!!crack jokes & jst LOL('-')

Are u bored with my long n long posts ??
If so, then ve a break !!
Here are some Funny stuffs!!

At training program for top management.

A well-known motivational speaker gathering the entire crowd's attention, said,
"The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who wasn't my wife !"

The crowd was shocked!

He followed up by saying, "That woman was my mother!"

The crowd burst into laughter and he gave his speech, which was well received.

About a week later, one of the top managers who had the training decided to use that joke at his house. He
tried to rehearse the joke in his head. It was a bit foggy to him.

He said loudly, "The greatest years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who was not my wife!"

Naturally, his wife was shell shocked, murmuring.

After standing there for almost 10 seconds trying to recall the second half of the joke, the manager

finally blurted out "... and I can't remember who she was !"

As expected, he got thrashing of his life time....

Moral of the story: Don't copy if you can't paste


Men and women on earth die and go to heaven.

God comes and says," I want the men to form two queues one line for

the men who dominated their women, and the other one for the men who

were dominated by their women. Also, I want all the women to go away

so that no man and woman can talk."

Next time God comes back, the women are gone, and there are two lines.

The line for the men who were dominated by their women is 100 miles

long, and in the line of men who dominated their women there is only

one man.

God gets mad and says, "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I

created you in my image, and you were all whipped by your mates.

Look at the only one of my sons who stood up and made me proud.

Learn from him! Tell them, my son, how you managed to be the only

one in this line?"

The man replies, "I don't know, my wife told me to stand here."

Depends on the way u ask

Jack and Max are walking from religious service.

Jack wonders whether it would be all right to smoke while praying.

Max replies, "Why don't you ask the Priest?" So Jack goes up to the Priest and asks, "Priest, may I smoke while I pray?"

But the Priest says, "No, my son, you may not. That's utter disrespect to our religion." Jack goes back to his friend and tells him what the good Priest told him.

Max says, "I'm not surprised. You asked the wrong question. Let me try." And so Max goes up to the Priest and asks, "Priest, may I pray while I smoke?"
To which the Priest eagerly replies, "By all means, my son. By all means."

Moral: The reply you get depends on the question you ask.

Example which u can use: "Can I work on this project while I'm on vacation?!?"