Wednesday, April 25

A beautiful poem 'BLIND'

Love and life that exists in this world and you feel it near
With two eyes of yours, you are keen to behold the sphere
With the light and emotion you rely on this sky
With stars and moon you feel like you should know to fly

The color the light the brightness and the contrast
All those you actually see and imagine of beauty that lasts
All above and more nature … all that is around you
All the f
amiliar hue that always surrounds you

Look to the mountains, the clouds, and the pure water
That arouses your senses and delights you ever after
Pleased aren’t you. Yes you are and happy to quote all this
Indeed you are blessed from above. Hold on to this bliss

Hold on before it leaves you and go
Un-helped dejected you may be left with all ‘no’
Will you be able to be with the situation?
Can you think the created commotion?

No. Perhaps not! This can’t be done by you
All those who enjoy freedom, can’t imagine the view
It’s difficult to live without looking each other
Without seeing the surroundings, without feeling mother nature.

But that’s life. How they live, you can ask them.
Though life is difficult for them yet it’s the same
Same day, same night, same food, same water
Same smile, same cry, same pain, same laughter

Things which are not same is darkness and light
Those which you can see and feel the delight
That which enchants your eye, and makes you feel so
Those that you can see and be in top row

There they are without there sight
Struggling and feeling the pain inside
Can express but are un-helped alone
Trying to cope up with realties and mourn

But I didn’t find such grief on their face
They are ready to participate in any race
They had the fire to burn the problems and win
To love each other and overcome all sins

They play together
They stay together
They enjoy the studies to
They need neither me nor you

They just need opportunity to touch the sky
Prove the capabilities that they imbibe
They are happy and sweet as they can be
Love they need and spread love to see

To see and feel the warmth of love
They enjoy the freedom and have some
These girls awesomely inspire

Learn from them, how to fight desires!

So they live, they enjoy, they party every moment
Every day it’s a challenge for them.
It’s a Win for every event
They want to touch the sky they will lead the race
They celebrate to live together… blindness turned to grace!


Dost....wen u copy something from somewhere, u should at least mention the authors name... manners u know..

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From where did you get this poem. This is written by me. Why did you copy my poem.??