Friday, April 20

First Post In My First Blog

Dear Readers!!!

This is my first try to make my blog just to pass the leisure time. Really i get bored remaining passive. So i thought why not to spend couple of hrs a day in googling something new.So i came up with the idea of Blog as the craze of making blog n looking at blog is taking great pace.

So , i also added myself in this race. And i do have good hope that you all will give your few minutes during hangout and may tickle your bone and trigger your Grey cells.

As the name signifies,it is a milestone of my carrier in the world of blog/blogging/bloggers....Hope it will be the same for all readers.

All your Suggestions ,Comments n Compliments are warm welcomed. I am indeed looking forwards these stuffs from you all.

With Best Regards
Ashish Shrestha


First comment in first post

Oh This is ur 1st post.. Happy long way blogging :)

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