Thursday, May 10

Discoveries on Internet!!!!!

1991 AUGUST 6 th - www was created by Tim Bernsley.

1991 DEC 12th - First server started in america..

1993 APRIL 23rd - Browser mosaic released in market to work on windows Operating Systems .

1993 APRIL 30th - Web was made available to all.

1993 MAY - First magazine on net The Tech was created by Massachussets
institute of technology.

1993 JUNE - HTML -Hyper Text Markup Language was released

1993 NOV - Web cam was created

1994 FEB - YAHOO was created by two stanford university students David Filoo and Jerry Yang. first it was called 'Jerrys guide to world wide web'.YAHOO means Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

1994 OCT 13th - American official website was started by president Bill Clinton.

1994 OCT 25th - Commercial advertisements started on internet.

1995 FEB - First radio station on internet started its 'radioHK'

1995 JULY 1st - was started for the sale of books online.

1995 JULY 4th - Hotmail- email service started

1995 AUG 24th - Internet explorer was launched as a part of windows 95 operating system.

1995 DEC 15th - Multilingual search engine alta vista started

1996 AUG - This month world wide websites reached 3,42,081

1997 DEC 17th - Web commentator JornBorger created web blog which became Blog later on

1998 SEP - The Google company was started in a garage in California.

FEB 7th - Eight prominent websites including yahoo and cnn were closed due to hacking

2001 FEB 15th - Jimmy Wales released online encyclopedia --Wikipedia..

2003 APR 28th - Apple company 'itunes' started

2004 JUN - web creator Timbernsley was given Britain White hood

2004 NOV 9th - Due to one sourcing revolution morzilla firefox was released