Monday, May 28

On the way to Naini Tal

Finally, I am able to say Hii to my readers. I am at Kausani (6075 ft above sea level), the third spot of my trip on the third day. We are total 36 on board from 13 different nations. Nepalese and Bangladeshi are in the large number, 7 from each and remaining are from Syria, Vietnam, Mozambia, Iran, Sudan, Myanmar, Fiji, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia.

It is going with full of fun, joy excitement and adventures. The climate of spots is also so pleasant that it reminds me my own country Nepal time and again. Actually in the ancient time it was under Nepal. After 26 hrs hectic journey in train from Pune to Delhi and 12 hour bus journey from Delhi. We reached BhimTal at 1371 meter from sea level, the 1st spot of our trip. Luckily it rains on that day (may be warm welcome to us). It adds beauty in the trip. I had nice nap ever in my life in India under thick quill.After the morning sun Shine we went for boating in NauKuchhe Tal , Near by BhimTal. It gives me the feeling of boating in Phewa Tal in Nepal.

In the 3rd day we moved to Kasauni via Almora. Almora is the full of natural beauty and nice hill station. Tomorrow we are planning roam around this cool place Kasauni .

I am a bit hurry, in details I will write from next spot ok .

Till then bye


Great yar...keep enjoyin...hav loads of fun!!!

Two Myanmars... nyways enjoy