Monday, June 18

BLOGCAMP-07 Pune, A Great Success:

Blogcamp-07 pune , the most awaited event for all the bloggers , was there on saturday at SCIT , in Rajivgandi Infotech park, Hinjewadi, pune near by my office Cognizant Technology Solution.

Woke up by 7.30 am , got ready by 8.30 and rush to Corporation( the central bus station of pune) with my room mate Andrewz as the program was supposed to kick off by 9.30. There we met Priyanka as planned and the got PMT( Pune Municipality Transport) bus to move our destination.With the round trip(just like pune darshan) , almost around 45 mins journey, we reached the venue, SCIT( Symbiosis Centre For IT ) pune around

Nice to see the Venue fully decorated with banners holding beautiful quotes like "Some blogs are meant to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and few to be chewed & digested". Hurried to registration desk thinking we were too late but not that much actually. We collected the t-shirt of our size and notebooks. T-shirt was quoted with "I blogged Therefore I am " while Notebook was quoted with "I came I Saw I blogged" followed by lists of Sponsors,, and so on. Few more slogans in the banners were :A little blogging is a dangerous thing”,“Blog and let blog”,“Let’s Blog it”,“I am a blogger, that’s what I do”,“The blog is writer of the blogger”.These slogans seemed really inspiring to the new comers in the blogging world like me .No any registration formality was there in fact.

Introductory session was going on when we entered SCIT auditorium. Glad to see the people from different phase of life and different professions gathered under one roof, BLOGCAMP. All were seem so enthusiastic to introduce coz it was good platform to introduce your blog rather then yourself. I also didnt let the chance go and elaborated my new blog ( TRAVEL DIARY) Session was fully causal. Few were telling :" I blogged anything and everything " , " I blogged for fun" ,"I blogged everything under the sun ". Few were professional bloggers started blogging since long , Scores are new bloggers started blogging few months back like me , Few were completely unaware about the blog and remaining were media persons, photographers, organizers and volunteers. Two damsels from mumbai were spotty in the venue as they were drawing attentions commenting, clapping and giving different gestures sitting top last row.One introduced herself as unofficial reporter of RAKHI SAWANT .

Then there was Breakfast break at around noon.Guys were busy taking snaps , introducing each other along with sip of coffee and bite of biscuits.Unfortunately we forgot to take camera.But no problem!!! Priyanka had laptop with inbuilt camera. So we were moving here n there with laptop opened in the hand capturing the events. People might think we were mad. Few guys took our snaps as well as video at that moment.

The event was divided into 2 threads . We chose thread 2nd. Actually I was more interested to know how to increase the traffic because i was new in this field . And i just wanted people know about my blog.I was really suffering from low ranking in technorati and still not in picture in I aimed to increase some personal contacts from this events.

Session started with the presentation of He was attracting the bloggers to blog on sulekha as we could easily get traffic over there. itself will promote the blog if posting is worthy.Besides they will also print the posts free of cost in the form of book for travel diary if its too good. This changed my mind to write my travel dairy in Who knows, one day my Travel blog will be one complete book.

Then came the 'Negative of Blogosphere' by melody, the same two damsels from mumbai.This session was more interactive as matter included was somehow uncensored.Side by side she was advertising her blog and focusing more on her pass experiences how she offended herself with negative comments.One male Prostitute asked her to sleep one night with him in the comment looking at her sexy snaps posted on her blog.Her friend sakshi was suporting her in between.

thanx to lokesh sapre for the snaps!!
Previous snap replaced on request!!

Now it was the turn of mobile blogging presented by SMSGUPSHUP.COM. Guys were busy in sending message to 67673434 as he instructed.I was feeling bore as it was not my interest. My friends Priyanka and Andrewz were busy in setting the configuration of laptop for connecting to WiFi but they could not make it out.

In between lunch break, i talked with couple of people to increase the personal contact and got their blog url noted. Discussion with few guys was really productive.I will explain detail in next post how i acted as journalist.

The last session i attended after the podcasting by pune's first youth magazine was really fascinating as this was the one i was looking for . It was not other than " How to increase the blog traffic" by Ankesh Kothori, a young chap from Mumbai . Surprisingly, with less than 20 posts within 20 days he had more than 10200 visitors arond the globe.I got shocked . I didnt have even 2000 in one month. I was fully concentrated throughout his presentation and learnt some tips which will definitely work . Then i felt my visit to blogcamp was fruitful . I hearty thanked to Rasmi who was one to let me know about this event but could not meet over there.

Alike Priyanka, who also made up her mind to create one blog once she is done with her running project, Scores might have been motivated with event. So HATS OFF to the organizers of BLOGCAMP for such wonderful gathering.

Hope to attend such event soon in near future.


"Two damsels from mumbai" - Now thats really innovative.

"Side by side she was advertising her blog" - Dude no offence but she is pretty well known so there is just no need to indulge in self-publicity.

One of the Two Damsels

Ok i got confused wid ur blogname. i ll update it . any more comments

You obviously weren't listening to my talk as you have used 2 pictures off my blog without my permission. Please take off the two pictures immediately.

While it is your right to assume I was "advertising" my blog (which I wasn't, but whatever) you definitely have no right to misquote me.

(01) "focusing more on her pass experiences how she offended herself with negative comments."

What does this mean?? I offended myself???

(02) "One male Prostitute asked herto sleep one night with him in the comment looking at her sexy snaps posted on her blog."

I clearly mentioned that the guy who commented was very very polite to me - he never made any comments to me of anything of the sort.

And where did you get the "sexy snaps posted" on my blog bit?? I definitely did not say anything of that sort either.

If you are a new blogger be aware that anything untrue you say will be found out immediately through the power of search engines.

Please delete the unauthorized pictures & edit your post according.

Hi melody..

I used to take the picture from internet for the post . So i also did from your blog.If u have so much problem.I will take out the pictures. I apologize for that.

Regarding your other comments i dont think i wrote anything fake in my blog.

"Sexy" !! it depends on the eyes of viewers.So i dont think to edit my post any more.

Yes I do have a problem when you take pictures off my blog without my permission.

I've already told you, but since you seem to need to be told once again, please take my pictures off at once.

And you definitely misquoted me - despite what you think, as I've already pointed out. I did not say anything about the guy wanting to sleep with me, is that in "eyes of the beholder" too? Stop making excuses.

Hi methody!!

I replaced ur snaps frm ur blog .. if i have to take any snaps frm ur blog i ll definitely take ur prior permission.
neways i also have to learn a bit professionalism in blogging ya..

Thanks for visiting my blog.