Tuesday, June 19

BLOGCAMP Pune : I was journalist and interviewed few bloggers!!

Don’t get shocked!!! I am not a Professional JOURNALIST nor PHOTOGRAPHER. I am not any MEDIA Person nor from any PRESS. I am a blogger, just a new one in blogging world and was there in BLOGCAMP with lots of aspiration to learn a lot about BLOG and BLOGGING.

I don’t wanna remain lethargic. Always feel good to make busy myself in some innovative activities. That’s why, I came up with my blog to use spare time at office (S/W).

My solo objective to attend this BLOGCAMP was just to increase my personal contact n to know more about blogging from experienced bloggers. I was suffering from low traffic in my blog( I already mentioned).I just wanted to boost it up. So I acted just like JOURNALIST for a day and interviewed few bloggers over there and in turn got interviewed from them also. In fact I enjoy interacting people and ‘em bit loquacious by nature.

But it was tough task how to start (Not a professional one!). With a pen and note book with two columns NAME & URL NAME, I caught a tall guy with curly hair sitting alone. He is S/W engineer by profession, working at IBM and Introduced himself as “Arnold Disouza”.I asked him like:” how long are u blogging?... How often you post ur blog?.. On which subject you do u blog?" he answered:"I started blogging since 05. I blog on everything and anything. Regarding the post it depends on my mood.”As he was busy in the presentation, I didn’t feel good to disturb him more.

Next one was Lokesh Sapre, working at Zensar and had 10 experiences in S/W but not from Technical background.( !!grt Surprise) He started blogging with blog title Random Musings since March 06 and blog on anything he likes. I stayed a bit more with him and learn more about RSS feed and also had lunch with him. Thanx Lokesh. I added that in my blog now.

After lunch, I talked with two persons Prashant and Rahul , both are working as web designer in the private company(name not disclosed). Both started blogging since last year. Rahul blogs with the blog name WebTrooperz - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts India and blog specific to search engine while Prashant blog with blog name iPrash and blog anything he feels good to. He was telling yesterday he watched Zhoom baraber Zhoom and just posted review comment.

Then came Harsha from Infy. He was not in mood to talk. Might be thinking something.Just
got his Url .he blogs with the url gentledude in blogspot and titled as “ The Brain Chimney” sounds somehow amazing.

I felt good to talk a guy, Sasidhar from GOOGLE(hyd).He was there with his friend Satyan. Sahidhar, with long hair n fancy beard has his own website with name sahidhar.org. He looked professional in blogging. I asked him how he felt working at google.He just smiled n said GRT.

I finally talked with one professional blogger,Vikarant ,with whom I was eager to chat from the beginning but he was always busy with his laptop. He told me that he owned 6 blogs and gave me one which he frequently post .He has one blog of his own autobiography. It sounds nice idea. He was blogging with the title Nerdy's - the story so far. When I asked how often he post. He told sometime he posted every 2 mins sometime even a moth.

I also talked with two guys without blog. One was Swapnil from Pune University doing BCA and other was Akhil doing the MBA at SCIT .He was a lecturer at BBDNITM, UP. They both were planning to blog soon.

I really felt nice to talk with these guys and also learn something about the blogging. While talking with these people , I also elaborated them about my Travel Diary
www.ondway2nainital.blogspot.com Hope I will keep in touch with them.


Semms like blogging is growing on you...

@ priyanka !!

its al the effects of blogcamp!!

hey man...way to go. Have some suggestions for your blog. M in hurry right now..will post later



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'em waiting 4 that

Hi Asis...
Sorry dude,I worked till 4 that morning and was down with fever.

Extremely sorry for that....thousand apologies :)

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