Monday, June 11

CoMinG SoOn!! NaiNi TaL Trip Diary:: On the way to Naini Tal

Dear Readers,

Hop u al r eagerly waiting for my travel diary : On the way to Naini Tal. Sorry for Delay!!. I finally come up wid the decision to create new blog exclusively for the Trip Details .

So, it will be easy for readers to go through the events chronologically. I will try my best to explain all my spontaneous feelings minutely there by maintaining the reality.
Bhim Tal : the 1st spot of our trip
Truely Speaking its a great experience for me to pass 8 days in very cool place,the gift of nature, with my new nepali friends with whom I never been for such a long excursion.Besides, friendship with new friends and good time with them made my trip a great success.
Almora , the 2nd spot of the trip

I will exclusively write about our group only even though there were 35 people from 12 different countries in the trip.So this diary will esp focus on our
Mischievous activities,Childish Nature and how we enjoyed with nature along with two true love stories of my friends who are going to departed soon. Side by Side i ll post the beautiful snaps that i captured ondway2nainital.

Finally on the way to Naini Tal, the final destination

and have lots of fun


Hmmm... Am waiting for the true love story part......
Are you writing a Bollywood script??
Dont separate them ok...

I'll wait for that....!! Hope it's really good...!!! Thank you for dropping by...! =)