Wednesday, June 6

have u ever seen RAINBOW around the SUN??

Lots of thing happen 1st time in life. Its not only the famous dialog of Hindi Movie "Munna Bhai MBBS" but also the reality. I have seen rainbow during rain , before or after rain, thats also semicircular .

But Circular rainbow around the Bright Sun in a sunny day !!!!! its first time in my life!!! Amazing ya!!!

photo taken by ASHAY

This is the picture taken by mobile at around noon on 6th june 2007 from IT park, pune, hingewadi Hope we should feel lucky ourself to see such amazing view of rainbow and sun together which occurs once in blue moon.


very cool one... really an original piece of post

good one...nice job ashish

nice pic....
wat abt ur nainital u uploading them???

Great pic! I experienced this myself today. Check out my pictures on FB