Monday, June 4

On the way to Naini Tal

Dear Reader!!

I could not update trip details in my blog regularly due to lack of time as well as inaccessibility of internet facility. But I tried my best to record all the happenings during the trip in my small diary. So I am planning to post every event in the blog chronologically as well as elaborately.

Today I came to office but I am so tired dude to yesterday‘s hectic journey in train with waiting ticket 491.I never have seen so much rush in the sleeper class ever in my life. I had no place to sleep whole night. I just shared a small portion of seat of some unknown person just to sit only.

So I have no mood to start it from today. Hopefully tomorrow else marking some auspicious day I will start writing about it.

Please keep on waiting !!


I am eagerly waiting... and pls correct the typo in ur post too waitin to read abt ur trip experience...

thats the true bloggers spirit............
Way to go!!!!!!