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A tragic love story in orkut!!!!

A tragic love story: Flourished on Orkut, died in a bullet

Orkut is in news again and this time due to the tragic death of Koushambi Layek who was murdered by her lover Manish Thakur, with whom she had developed relations on This incident again points towards the hazards of social networking.

WHEN EVERY BIG business house is running a business of social networking website, owned by Google continues to be in the centre of controversy for one wrong reason or another. This time Orkut finds itself in the midst of a murder mystery. The reason for murder is believed to be failed love which developed on Orkut.

This love story started in the AC three tier compartment. The accused Manish Thakur, a resident of Bashdroni in West Bengal, was on his way to Thiruvantapuram where he met Koushambi Layek who was on her way to the training centre of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The relation gradually evolved through scrapping on Orkut. After some time Koushambi discovered that Manish was married. Heartbroken she ended her relation with him, but was threatened by Manish again and again. Koushambi confided to her parents about the incidence and they tried to sort out the problem by talking with Manish.

Unfortunately the talks did not help and the police discovered her dead body in Mumbai’s Sun-a-Sheel hotel’s room number 202. After a thorough investigation it was found that Manish had killed her by his service revolver.

Manish, who works with the coast guard, has been arrested. Police sources confirm about taking him to Mumbai today.

Meanwhile Manish’s and Koushambi’s profiles have drawn thousands of visitors in the past two days on orkut. There has been a formation of two communities in the name ‘Tribute to Koushambi Layek’ and ‘Koushambi cry for Justice’. The number of registered members in these two communities is increasing rapidly. Many visitors are also visiting Manish’s profile to express strong reactions.

It perhaps will not be a very good idea to blame this social networking website. But this incident definitely shows the flipside of social networking on the Internet and the best thing one can do is be careful while using it in order to avoid unpleasant incidents and such mishaps.

Koushambi’s ill-fated end puts others on caution  

The brutal murder of Koushambi Layek refuses to leave the mind. Her cheerful, vivacious and straightforward gaze from her picture on orkut seems to haunt many as we try to figure what exactly went wrong and why did she have to face such an ill-fated end.

MANISH THAKUR was arrested by the Police from a hotel room in Andheri. Was it a case of ‘crime of passion’ or was it the fake posturing over the net on Thakur’s part that lured Koushambi into such a deadly web, one from which she’d never come out.

Koushambi Layek, a 24-year old software professional working for TCS would have never expected that she could have ever faced such a brutal death.

Koushambi met Thakur, a navy officer, online two years back and the story goes like this. Manish, in spite of being married lured her to marry him. Koushambi had informed her family, but they advised her against it. Their relationship continued and the police suspect that he might have murdered her because she denied marrying him. Manish tried to convince her several times that he will divorce his wife to marry her. In fact, he had not informed her initially that he was married. Her body was found in a pool of blood in a hotel room in Andheri. They had checked in as Mr. and Mrs. Thakore on May 12. She had been killed on Sunday night and by Monday afternoon the hotel employees found her body. By then Manish had sneaked away.

Police confirmed that this murder was preplanned. This is because Manish was already carrying a chopper and a gun with him. They also suspect that he might have shot her in her sleep. The latest updates on CNN-IBN say that after shooting her (through a pillow to avoid noise of the gunshot! and he had also turned up the TV volume), Manish wanted to chop her into pieces. But, he couldn’t and stayed on for almost five hours drinking a whole bottle of whisky.

Now where does orkut come into picture: Both of them had their profiles on orkut!

Condolences are pouring into her scrapbook (

and some "great wishes" into his (

I was shocked to see the testimonial written by a girl to her future killer:

Koushambi: Well, what to say about this guy... He is a really caring and loving guy... He is amazing, awesome and friendly. I need not describe him, as anyone close to him must surely be aware of his abilities. He is an all rounder.. Be it in the field of studies, sports or music. He is a champo...Don’t u think so???

According to her, he seemed to be intelligent - an all rounder - well his so-called intelligence killed her!

Why did he do this? She was the only financial support to her mom, who is a widow. The deadly roots from the net just squashed her life and a family’s hopes. When matrimonial sites make relationships online, we should be aware that there are so many deadly pits in the Internet where you can fall to never return. Can you imagine such an incident happening to your friend? Her friends are all in a shock - they can’t believe that she could get involved with such a Psycho!

This reminds me of another incident - One of the girls whom I know met a guy through the net - It all started with friendship and later after a year or two they started dating. They fell in love (that was expected), but before getting too involved she asked for a commitment. His reply was "Oh ! I can’t guarantee that I will marry you - you may have to wait for two years till my younger sister gets married. I can’t forget my sister’s marriage and start thinking about mine.” I couldn’t help thinking to myself: Okayyyyyyyyy!!! MR. PERFECT!!!! - your love for family is like"WOW," but where are u luring this girl to - just for time pass? Is she not a sister to her brother? What is this downtrodden mentality? [Lolakutty says: "Doodh ka doodh aur nariyal paani ka naariyal paani?"]

I dedicate this to all those who have got anonymous friends on the Internet. Next time you get involved with someone, at least be careful. Not all the prince charmings or drop dead gorgeous men are really worth it!

U can pay your tributes to Koushambi here: