Friday, June 29

Suspense of 7!!!Seven wonders of the World!!!

I hope all are aware of 7 wonders of world.One of the biggest global polls ever conducted is going on since last year and till date more than 60 millions have cast votes to their favorite wonders.

Twenty-One, three multiples of 7 wonders from 7 different continents are nominated for this contest organized by NewOpenWorld Foundation, Switzerland.

The New 7 Wonders of the World will be announced during the Official Declaration ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07.

Still 7 more days to go!! If you are still missed to vote, HURRY UP!! Vote for your favorites.
Just Click Here.

One more good news, one of the Travel agency is coming up with mammoth 70 days trip package to 7 wonders of world in just $7000.

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Wednesday, June 27

Beautiful Damsels in Israel Military!!

Today just before leaving the office, i got one forward from one of my friends. He is well known for sending the forwards. I still do have around 2000 unread forwards from him. I usually do not open his mails.But unfortunately i clicked on the pop up message showing the incoming mail and the mail get opened.

I was just going so click on red cross sign on the top right corner of my machine.Before i took pointer on the cross sign, picture of gals got opened.Thanx to my 2GB RAM( LOL!!!!)

This forward was collection of snaps of Israel Military.I was so surprised to see such beautiful lasses working for Military.If it were in India, I hope all were working in BOLLYWOOD!!!

I have shared few snaps of hot damsels for my Readers.Hope u will enjoy it.

Please check out the slide show!!

Tuesday, June 26

Drawing , Me and the Exhibition with my Friend's Sketches!!

Drawings and Sketches used to cause nightmare to me in my college days. I still do remember the days, I was struggling with my H/B pencils and drawing sheet to complete my Biology Assignments. From that time I came to know these stuffs are not for me .so I still give immense respect to the Artists. Now I feel enrolling to Electronics Engineering is boon for me where the drawing is just limited to block diagram, Combination of straight lines.

Alike me, one of friends, Bhim, feels drawing is just a cup of tea. But he never makes it as hobby. He draws only in obligation rather than with interest. So did he, when one of his friends requested him to make drawings for exhibition (organized by IndainArt Foundation for Amateur Artist).

He made few sketches and water paintings just for the sake of his friends with in 2 days as he was not given enough time. But still his works were appreciable. Nobody can say these were made in such short time.

Later I was so glad to know two sketches were selected for Exhibition, and gave me immense pleasure to thank him. Credit also goes to his friend, who took hell lots of trouble in submitting it to the organizer and getting it framed for exhibition.

Few Paintings of Amateur Artist

The Exhibition was held in one of famous hall (Bal Gandarva Theatre) in Pune. This was not my 1st visit to the photo exhibition but have to say 1st exhibition where I did observe the art rather than giving the glances. I really enjoyed the great work of amateur artist. Some arts really make me suspect “Were they made by new artists?” because they were simply awesome. I was there with my friends and one of my friend’s Mom.

Few Painting of Amateur Artists

His sketches were hung in the middle of the wall in sketch section with once above other. One was of rose and other was of small hut in hill station. Both are the nice sketches.

Sketch section in the exhibition( middle two are my friend's)

When I asked him reason behind these sketches, he gave me amazing but somehow funny answers.

In his own words: “first rose is just made for my gf coz she keeps complaining that i don’t give her rose...i actually wanted to make the rose look real and fresh and desiring…about the scene it’s the land i made to celebrate my honeymoon. “ Bhim wrote to me in one of the mail. Doesn’t it seem innovative??

Sketches of my friend

I think now his girlfriend feels good to get the rose and always imagines that day to come looking at second sketch!!(She is so Lucky..LOL)

Blogging To Fame!! My blog is Selected in 1st Preliminary Selection!!

Its my Great pleasure to inform my all dear reader that I got selected in 1st Preliminary Selection of Blogging To Fame Contest. My blog ,MiLeStOnE is in 33rd Position in the Blog Ranking out of hundreds of blogs from different corners of the globe.Besides, my other two blogs, My Travel Diary :On d Way 2 NaiNi TaL and My Photo Blog :Amazing Pictures are also doing good progress in Blogging To Fame!!

It gives me immense pleasure to thank all the bloggers who visited my blog and fame me and my blog. I also kindly appeal to all the bloggers –“Please Visit my blog and fame it if it deserves!!”

HATS OFF to all those bloggers whose blogs are in top 30 in Blogging To Fame Contest, especially to Deborah Peterson. Her blog,Life in fast Lane, is on the top with 147 fame.Congratulation to Laktess and Paulofaraujo for holding 2nd and 3rd rank respectively.

Remaining other blogs in Top 30 are as follows

PoeARTica, Maryannaville, Electronic Village, GamesMaisBr, Greg Lunger.com, PLANETACELULAR, eWritings - Online Public Relations, Interesting Observations, The Thinking Blog, Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purplemelon, KLIKDIGITAL, Duty Of Human Being, Cosmic Photo Art, Digital Art World Blog, THE HALF-WIDOWS OF KASHMIR, INSPIRED, Escape The Room, 1 Million Love Messages, My Article World, Dosh Dosh, TopBlogMag, Espreson

A Little Effort to change Myself, Orchid, Tech,Fun, This n That, Fun are my friends blogs who are also in the race of blog fame!! Check them once!!

I wish good luck to all other bloggers who are doing well in Blogging to Fame!!

Once again I appeal –“Please check my blog and fame it if it deserves!!