Friday, April 11

CA Election-2008: First Time In The History Of Nepal

Few statistics of CA Election- 2008

1) Of the total 601 members of the CA(Constituent Assembly), 240 will be elected in direct elections from 240 constituencies while 335 will be elected from among nationwide votes on PR(Proportional Representative) basis. The remaining 26 will be nominated by the cabinet

2) A total of 55 parties are taking part in CA election

3) A total of 3970 candidates – 367 women and 3580 men – are in the fray for FPTP election

4) . A total of 5701 candidates including one half of women, nearly two thousand Madhesis, over 600 Dalits, over 2000 Janajatis, and nearly 200 from backward regions and over 1700 from other groups are in the fray for PR election

5) The EC(Election Commission) has informed that 20.4 million ballot papers of 240 different kinds (for each constituency) for FPTP and 20.8 million ballot papers of single kind for PR will be used for the election

6) There are 17.611 million voters in total – 8.888 million male and 8.73 female

7) The district with maximum number of polling centers is Syangja-1 with 131 centers

8) The constituency with maximum number of voters is Gulmi-2 with 104,888 voters

9) In a polling center in Lali Gurans primary school in Chame VDC of Manang district, there are only 23 voters

10) There will be over 80,000 domestic election observers representing 148 different organizations at national and local level

11) IN Kathmandu-1 constituency, the EC will for the first time in nation's history, employ Electronic Voting Machines. The constituency includes ward numbers 10, 11, 32 and 34 of the Kathmandu metropolitan city

12) The total cost of conducting the election from the announcement of election till declaration of results is expected to be Rs 2.73 billion for EC excluding expenses incurred in security