Thursday, May 29

Heartfelt farewell to shah dynasty and hearty welcome to Republic Nepal!!!

Today, 28th May 2008 (accordingly 15th Jestha 2065) is declared as the REPUBLIC DAY of Nepal. Ending the 240 years old Shah dynasty, Nepal entered into new era of Federal Democratic Republic System. The most- anticipated moment, in the history of Nepal, was declared by Kul Bahadur Gurung, the officiating chairman of the CA ,at 11:08 PM 15th Jestha 2065(Nepali Time) after majority of CA members voted in the favor of Republic.

Himalayan Kingdom changed to Republic Nation with lots of hope -The hope of development and the hope of peace. Thousands of people sacrificed their life knowingly and unknowingly to bring this day. Almost 12 years long Maiost civil war ended making their dream come true. All the people of Nepal supported from the respective ends to make this great campaign success. So it’s not the achievement of single person or single party but the achievement of whole nation. We all are proud of it.

We never had imagined Nepal without King few years ago. But time changed everything. There is a proverb: “If there is a wish, there is a way”. Really nothing is impossible but it is just difficult. Now, ‘His Royal Highness…. And His Majesty….’ will be limited only in the books. “Once upon the time, there was a king ……” will be a story for our coming generation.

I think, though the country is republic, we should not forget the contribution made by our late King Prithivi Narayan Shah to form this Nation and gave us the identity of Nepali. More or less all the kings had contributed best from their sides to serve the people of nation. But it’s our bad luck that we didn’t get all king of same type. And we are obliged to have a change.

Kings of Nepal (25th september 1768 -- 28th May 2008)

Our country has crossed the crucial turning point in the history. But it is not the end. Still a long way to go. We, all the Nepalese, participated in the grand campaign to make the country republic, are happy today. But in some corner of our heart, there is still a fear of insecurity. That is : will this new system of republic nation indeed make the our dream come true ? Our dream to see the developed nation, dream to exercise freedom and dream to retain peace and achieve prosperity. Will all these get fulfilled? This is still a big question.

But we Nepalese are habituated to live optimistic life hoping for the best. Let’s be positive to the newly formed government and assist them from our side to make the new constitution of Nepal in favor of people.

In this eve, let’s join together to do heartfelt farewell for 240 years old Shah dynasty and hearty welcome the New Federal Democratic Republic nation, Nepal