Monday, August 4

Check out my blog hits...

Since long back I m so worried about the number of visitors to my blog MiLeStOnE. Ya I know the valid reason for this. All is my laziness. I just do post my blog once in blue moon. So my dear visitors get fed up looking at the same static page time and again. I also got couple of comments from my regular visitors(esp UDAY my dude from Saudi Arabia) to update my blogs regularly. It’s good to gt such comments coz as least there are few friends who wants to see something new in Thanks to all.

But since couple of days back I can see number of visitors visiting my blog is increasing exponentially. Today it exceeds the count 200. It’s really very good news for amateur blogger like who is always dying for the visitors count.

Weekly report of Visitors

With the help of , we can keep the complete record of all the visitors hitting your URL(your website/blog). List of records of Visitors provided by Statcounter goes like this

· Complete location including IP address

· System configuration

· Time of Visit

· Page of entry and exit.

· Duration of visit

· Country wise Graph

· Various Pie chart and Bar graphs

· And Many more.

So visitors count statistics shows that my blog has visitors around the globe. Australia is leading contributing around 34% of total hits and United State follows with 8.76%.And India comes in 4th position which is supposed to be on the top in the list since long. New Zealand, UK, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands and finally Nepal my home nation… List goes endless.

Number of visitors country wise

Percentage of Visitors Country wise

Thanks to all visitors for looking at my blog and giving me valuable advices. This really inspires me to write more frequently.


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