Friday, November 28

Mumbai Massacre

It was almost 12 PM at night when I got the call from my colleague. I was at office at that time in my night shift. He informed me about the gunfire in Mumbai at late night. I then immediately checked in Google news for more details.

It was really shocking. After the couple months of serial bomb blast in Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderbad and Banglore, the financial capital of India, Mumbai, was made the target for attack by terrorist.

The massive attack by the assailants was reported in the famous big hotels of Mumbai and also in CST railway station which took away many innocent lives. As per the latest update more than 125 people were killed including 6 foreigners and more than 400 were seriously injured in this carnage.

Mainly European and American were targeted in the gunfire especially in the TAJ hotel as well as Hotel Oberai where still Gunmen held hundreds of hostage. Though entire security personals were fully mobilized in the affected area to release the hostages, the situation was still not under control.

It was reported that even after 24 hours, the fresh firing was erupted in TAJ hotel where police and terrorist exchanged three rounds of gunfire. Still none of the terrorist associations took the responsibility for this massacre. But people started blaming Pakistan for the whole cause as usual.

Nobody knows what the actual reason is behind this great carnage. Will the life of Mumbai come back to normal tomorrow? It is still the big question.

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