Friday, December 12

Mind-Bogging Advertisement Quotes::

In this 21st century, the era of Modern Business, Advertisement plays the very pivotal role in making business. All organization has its own existence in the market with its unique Slogan. In the Cut-throat competition, every company is engrossed in snatching flamboyant actor or resplendent actress for the promos of new product with the handsome pay. We can see plenty of holding boards in or around city with a mind-bogging one-liner just to draw the attention of its customers.

Here are few typical advertising slogans that really took my attention.

# Sign on a railway station at Patna :
Aana free, jaana free,
pakde gaye to khana free.

# Seen on a famous beauty parlor in Bombay :
Don't whistle at the girl going out from here.
She may be your grandmother!

# Seen on a bulletin board:
Success is relative
More the success, more the relatives.

# Sign at a barber's saloon in Juhu, Bombay :
we need your heads to run our business.

# A traffic slogan:

Don't let your kids drive if they are not old enough - or else they never will be.....

Its God's responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations
It's our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and god."
- Indian Armed Forces

What will be the slogan, if God makes the advertisement?
Here are few heart-touching and meaningful quotes

Please don’t drink and drive,
You are not quite ready to meet me yet

Don’t forget the umbrella
I might water the plant today

If you think MONA LISA is stunning.
You should look at my masterpiece.
In the mirror.

What do I have to do to take your attention?
Take out an ad in the paper

If you missed the sunrise
I made you for today, Don’t worry.
I will make another one tomorrow.