Monday, July 28

My Birthday's Special Post:

Today is my birthday. ohh!!I forget...
It’s the great surprise that how a person can forget his own birthday ya..I came to know that today is my birthday, when I saw the couple of birthday wishes in my mobile in early morning. I then checked the message details to get when it was sent actually. It was sent on 26th evening 11.55..People are so forward and wishes before time. They don’t even have faith in mobile network coz it always gets busy in hurry (emergency).

I got few wishes in mail and few friends wished me while doing chat in messenger.On the sharp 12 PM(27th Aug), I got a call from my office colleague, my BESTEST friend(We used to call each other).Initially I got shocked why she called me so late night. Then my mind clicked ohh ..it is my birthday. No sooner I picked up the call, she started saying all the best wishes of birthday and Call extended long with all sorts of talks(sense and non sense).I saw few missed call when it was over.(they might be calling to wish me my so called happy birthday. I felt happy but not delighted so much. The fact is this year my birthday is in 6th August. All might get so surprised that what this means “THIS YEAR MY BIRTHDAY IS” as if it’s the exam schedule which keeps on changing every year.

In fact friends, I do have 3-4 popular birthday dates, officially and religiously. The long story of having such numerous birthday dates goes like this….

I am from Nepal and belong to Hindu religion and Newari ethnic group. So we follow Nepali calendar in BS (Bikram Shambat) instead of AD(After Death). Moreover we are stricter to
Hindu almanac. This means we follow the TITHI like full moon day and new moon day instead of 1st or 2nd of any month for dates. As per Nepali date my birthday was 19th Shrawan 2039 BS. And it falls to NAGPANCHAMI as per my hindu almanac. So while staying in Nepal I always culturally celebrates my birthday on NAGPANCHAMI irrespective of date. When the time came to mention birthday date in AD for some official documents (Academic),I checked the corresponding date in AD and it came 27th July in that year. By then my birthday remained 27th July 1982 AD.

In 2002 AD I came to Pune (India) and My BS date got outdated. I started sharing my birthday as 27th July to all the friends met then after. In all the social networking site like HI5, ORKUT, FACEBOOK and all the LOGIN of my mailing accounts, it was registered as 27th July 1982.I also started a thread “Let’s celebrate world ASHISH day” in ORKUT(one social networking site) in ASHISH community , where every member has to enter the date of birth. The motto of this thread is to celebrate one day (having maximum no of counts of birthday) as WORLD’s ASHISH DAY. Does not it seem something innovative or creative?? I also got so many appreciations for this thread from my friends. But still date has not been declared yet due to lack of majority.

But this date (27th July) also could not last for long. Once I joined Cognizant for my IT profession, I had to made my passport and Nepal Government officials converted the my Nepali birthday to AD and printed it as 28th July 1982AD. Then after it became fixed for all the official purpose(like PAN card, CREDIT card, Bank A/C) and accordingly I updates in all online sites wherever it could be possible.

As I celebrate my birthday as per my
Hindu almanac, I follow so called TITHI and always waits for NAGPANCHMI (the day to worship snake ( called NAG in HINDU religion)). And it varies every year. So Accordingly I celebrated my Silver jubilee birthday on 18th August 2008 with typical traditional party and it comes to 6th August this year (fortunately or unfortunately.. what to say …). I am so lucky this time as I do have my mom with me after 6 years during my birthday. She will definitely make this birthday great. Eagerly I am waiting for that day.

Hope you all will join me to celebrate my flexible birthday.