Saturday, January 10

Easier Said Than Done :: Corruption continues...

" Jun Jogi Aaye Pani Kannai Chireko"

This is one of well known Nepali proverb which is in tongue tip of all Nepalese. We, Nepalese, experienced the regime of all political parties and didn't find so much difference in the governance of any except its name alone. Public have great expectation in this government of Maiosts who really struggled so hard for the sovereignty and Republic Nepal sacrificing thousands of innocent lives. Nepalese people have to despair this time also as usual. Even after more than six months of formation of new Republic Nepal, Government is not able to console the public putting forward few positive symptoms of developments. Despites, unemployment,disorders and insecurity still prevail as usual and development is adversely affected by intolerable load-shedding for 12 hours a day. People are just starving for survival. Scores of small, medium and large scale industries are force to shut down due to interruptible power supply.

While talking with my family members and friends staying Nepal, i came to know that life in Nepal is simply horrible. Twelve hours load shedding is not a joke. And who is responsible for this. There is no one other than government to be blamed.

Today only i got the mail from one of my friend who is doing his final year MBBS from AIMS, India. After reading this mail i was forced to think that like any other government, government is also busy in doing internal setting of posting the relative in higher and key post of administration. Those who protested for monopoly and autocracy in governance are themselves get engrossed in family business.

Please do check below to see what our two leading heads of our government are doing.

Prachanda's family
1. Samir Dahal (Under-secretary of PM's office), son of Prachanda's younger brother Narayan Dahal
2. Ganga Dahal (Officer of PM's office), Prachanda's younger daughter (Indian citizen)
3. Gangaram Dahal (un-appointed foreign relations officer), Prachanda's own brother
4. Renu Pathak (CA member), Prachanda's daughter
5. Arjun Pathak (Officer of CA), Prachanda's son-in-law
6. Prakash Dahal (Prime Minister's PA/accountant), Prachanda's son, salary equal to the under-secretary
7. Narayan Dahal (CA member), Prachanda's nephew
8. Thakur Bhatta (Prachanda's brother-in-law)
9. Another son-in-law (contractor of Chitwan Cantonment)

Baburam's relatives
1. Hisila Yami (Tourist Minister), Baburam's wife
2. Taranaj Pandey (PM's adviser), Baburam's nephew
3. Praya Yami (National Planning Commission), Hisila's older sister
4. Timila Yami (Chairperson of Drinking Water Project), Hisila's older sister
5. Chirik Shova (member of Kathmandu Drinking Water), Baburam's older sister
6. Baburam's younger brother (Tariff -fixing Committee), Head of Kathmandu Drinking water.
7. C. P. Gajurel's first cousin, Head of Land Reform Commission.

If this is true, isn't it Easier said than done.


It was evident...So frustrating!!

Ya dai, This is just a synopsis only.. Story is very long... and breaking news ..16 hours loadshedding :(

which is disgusting .. if 16 hrs of loadshedding was disgusting then.. for any government it would be unavoidable.. believe me Maoist have got a big challenge of changing the worst Nepal ever and at the same time keep all old parties satisfied and of course the people of nepal.. Its too complicated for Maoists.. if there was any other government say UML or COngress situation wont be any better than this..

Its quite complicated to jump into the conclusion directly.Of course if leaders don't have ppl. who support their plans under themselves, they can't implement and/or too much time wiil be wasted in discussion,arguments. convincing and come to decision.
At the same time, if they have fired the more visionary and capable persons and appointed new ones jst. bcoz of their being their relatives, its really bad.Lets hope they r in the right path at least now onwards.

Hello Sanjeev.. I do agree with you but its the bad tendency. And its the initiation only. If it keeps on continuing then people wont have faith on the government. It will be just like .. Once upon the time it was Koirala monopoly and sometime adhikari monoply and now it will be Dahal and Bhatarai monopoly.. we all know they are more agressive and stubborn then past leaders.So it might drive the country towards autocracy under the name of Republic Nepal.

Hem,Yeah this is due to bottleneck of the problem which maoist is facing in the country. I am neither concluding nor supporting any parties in Nepal.

Blaming others is our common art.Maoist is not having sufficient seat to make its own government and they don't want to get down from government so diving all money and power among the parties.they are not focusing to the real growth and developments of the country. They are not able to make good management in the country.

We have same power production in the country compared to last year (even quite more), and why load shedding is more than 16 hrs a day? Why didn't it happened in past years ? What government is planning to overcome it?There is no answer for it.
Why Girila (India's employee in Nepal) got facilities equal to Prime Minister even he is just like other MPs? Why an Indian is President in Nepal?

there are many more things. The simple thing is all nepali politicians are guided by Indian government and Nepali citizens are like lamb...