Tuesday, January 20

How I am in New Look??

You may be wondering what I am talking about. I am not asking you about me , I am talking about my new look and feel of my blog. Change is so obvious in everybody/everything with time. It's just like survival of fittest (Darwin Theory).I was also bored with same outlook of my blog since long and was jealous of others fancy blog. This is not the 1st time I go with new template. I guess it has been more than 4-5 times I changed the look of my blog since I landed in blogosphere on 20th April 2007.Check out my 1st blog post with my intro and appeal to you all my dear readers.

I was planning to make my blog in three columns since long back. But I kept postponing for tomorrow and tomorrow always remained tomorrow only. But I really want to thank Prajwal (my good friend &young brother) ,who really insisted me so much to change my blog template. He is debut blogger and admin of Chatting website,Hamrochat.com  and recently launched new forum. Besides, I also got couple of comments/suggestions from my dear reader to clean up my blog. So today I might find it so auspicious and finally changed to a new template of my choice.

So I give full right to my all dear readers to judge this new look of my blog and hopefully looking forwards for many more comments and suggestion as usual. I am also coming up with few new changes in my blog very soon.. Till then, keep waiting.


Thanks to me, for the new look & give me thanks in advance for www.alapot.com.........

Looks very good..

make the sidebar and main bar little more of same height..

Hey, Ashish. Congratulation man for having your new website. Your new blog appearance and new blog link looks cool. Keep updating it constantly........all the best. N I also have a new blog these days, do not forget to visit.
It is http://yuvazone.blogspot.com/

Keep 1 chatroom here like prajals...
give him competition :p