Monday, January 26

Nepali Flag in my Blog!!!

I am so surprised to see Nepali Flag displayed automatically in my blog for the 1st time. But its not a miracle nor it is a nightmare and neither it is a Black Magic. It is just a coincidence one more time.

All the seven flags of SAARC nations are there with the name South Asian Public Health forum.It might be the intellectuality of Google Adsense server because it was displayed in my blog in 26th Jan, The Republic Day of India. Actually Google puts the ads dynamically depending on the contents and geographical location. I don't know it also equally takes care of the especial occasion.

Advertisement of SAARC Forum in Nepali Blog in the Indian's Replublic day. Isn't it the Coincidence once again. I felt so glad that google identified my blog as Nepali Blog.

FYI. flag marked with red in the above pics is my Nation's Flag.
Only one of its Kind among all.


hahaha hehehe you didn't get any other topic to write, haha hehe this is the best joke, now make this " 1 comment in my blog "

suntali site ta dami banachau congratulation