Saturday, January 17

Once Again Coincidence. This Time In Early Morning...

Today I had morning shift. Shift plan keeps on changing in my project. So I almost have to work around the clock, 24*7(Including leave). Morning Shift means early morning, I have to reach office by 7 AM and leave at any time after 4. It takes more than half an hour to reach office around 30 KMs far from my flat.

Previously there was separate cab for each project and we could adjust sometime. But now there is no such separate cab. Admin had changed the policy in name of cost-cutting during this recession time. Now, there is a general cab that picks and drops the employees of particular area irrespective of project. And every day different cab comes as per their turn. We get the cab number and driver’s cell number in message from Travel Time(Team that look after the arrangement of Cab) every day an hour(s) before our pick and we have to intimate our detail address to cab driver beforehand. In case of morning shift, Cab comes a bit early around 6.15 coz it has to pick few more guys after me.

Story starts from here…………………..

I am habituated to sleep late night and wake up late in the morning (it’s better to say afternoon) as I was having night or late afternoon shift since last couple of months. So I could not sleep early even though I have to wake up early. I was in deep sleep when I got the message from Travel-Time and woke up by the long miss call of cab driver. It was 5.55 AM. I called cab driver to ask him to come a bit late as I had so many things to do. But He was telling he would reach my place by 15-20 mins because he had to pick three more (2 guys and a gal/lady).It was very unpleasant to leave the warm blanket and then took bath in this chilled winter, that also in early morning. It is not less than a punishment. I remember my school days when I used to wake up very early morning during exams. I didn’t know myself how I got ready within 15 mins. Might be I did somthing so fast like MR. BEAN . I was just thinking to have a cup of coffee, I got a missed call. Driver told me he already reached my place and waiting me nearby new building under construction. This is just around 200m away from flat. I was so surprised how the cab came so near to my flat else I always have to walk up to main road because he could not make out my actual address. I asked him to wait 5 more minutes. I changed in hurry, took the office card and bag and rushed out asking my rommie (who were snoring in deep sleep) to lock the door. Every time when I am in hurry, there is maximum probability to forget something important like admit card while going for exam, bus/train tickets while going for long tour, prescription while going to buy medicine and so on. So I always try to recheck once when I leave in hurry. Then I came to know I didn’t get my wallet. By that time I was on the half way. But there was alternative to run back else I had to do fasting for a day.

Cab was taking the turn once he saw me. I always check the cab number that I receive in message before I get in because every day there is different driver and different cab. It was dark and my eyes were dazzled by the intense headlight of cab. So I could not make out its number plate. I was almost shivering and felt so warm and cozy once I sat inside the cab. I asked driver how u came so near to my place today and he replied that he had come for my drop few days back. But I didn’t remember his face. But it was not the big deal. Every day I have different driver. He told me there were two more pick and asking me their address as if I knew all. I just checked the print out list of employee and their address. That address was new for me. But I saw one name of one more guy in my same colony. But I never meet him.

I got a call. I was wondering who was calling me early morning. Didn’t I forget anything more so that my room partner was calling to remind me. But it was driver number itself and I asked him to check his mobile. Because most of time it happens to me when I forget to lock the keypad. It calls to the recently dialed number and also sends sometimes blank messages. It happens because calling key get pressed unknowingly when mobile is in pocket. He didn’t get his mobile. How could he, if I was sitting on it. He might keep the mobile in side seat after talking with me. He got scared for a while thinking his mobile was lost.

I asked him to give miss call to next person otherwise he would also make us wait for sometimes. But this time it was not he. It was SHE. I was wondering who SHE was. I would have seat in the back seat instead of front so I could have some conversation with her. These things were just going in my mind when he was calling her to get ready. But unfortunately her shift was cancelled. So unlucky me . Then I asked the driver when he left the company for my pick up. He told he came to Sinhgad Road(5 KM away from my place) for 4 AM drop and after sleeping an hour he came for my pick. I was thinking he might come directly from company as I didn’t know somebody shift gets over by 4 AM. He told me there was drop every hour in night. “It is American company. So people work in night.” –He was telling to me. It is just like a Nepali proverb ‘Indra ko agadi swarga ko bayan’ (Explaining the beauty of heaven in front of god Indra). I asked him then how many people were left to pick up. He said no one. I got confused that when I spoke with him in phone he was telling that there were 2 guys and 1 gal. I thought I was in half asleep at that time.

Then I was wondering why the cab was heading to opposite direction. I was waiting that he would take a turn from next signal because it is not wise to show the direction for the drivers. They know each n every corners of the city. Sometime I think it’s their inborn talent. Once he crossed next signal also, I could not hold myself and asked where actually we were heading. He replied Amdocs. I could not hear clearly as the FM volume was quite high. I again asked WHERE?? ---- AMDOCS.. Why we were going there?? Then he asked – “you are not the employee of AMDOCS?” and I asked instead of replying –“Is it not the cab of COGNIZANT?” And he answered-“NO”. Oh god! what happened? It was already 10 minutes I was in wrong cab. He also instantly took the U-turn because it was already late for him also and he picked wrong guy. Then within a minute I recall all the events past 10 minutes.

• The Cab came to my almost nearby my flat which never happened.
• I could not check the cab number because my intense focus of headlight.
• Driver’s face was a bit unfamiliar.
• I saw the name of one guy staying in my colony whom I never meet in the printout. Actually that was the guy for whom cab came there to pick up.
• I got the missed call from the Driver Number. Actually my driver was calling me being fed up to wait for long time.
• He was telling that he came up for 4 AM drop while I knew that he always used to come from office directly.
• He was telling there was drop in every hour in night. I know the frequency of drop after mid night is very rare.
• He told me there was no more pick up (after girl shift was cancelled) while in phone he clearly told me there were 3 more guys after me.

Even after so many clues I never felt that I was boarded in wrong cab. If the cab was not heading to just opposite direction of my office, I would not be able to notice this fact so early. Don’t know what I would have done if I got the second miss call from the driver. That might be great mystery at that time.

He also got the call from his employee and I called to my driver. The poor driver was still there. How patiently was he waiting for me?

Like I didn’t recognize my driver, the driver of that Amdocs also didn’t recognize the employee because they also might have general cab facility like our company. All happens due to recession.
Thanx god! It was the cab of AMDOCS( the location of this company is just in opposite pole of the city with respect to my company).

Isn’t this a great coincidence? What say??


the part, "It was SHE. I was wondering who SHE was.I would have seat in the back seat instead of front so I could have some conversation with her" was very cute :)

The story would be so interesting if you immediately slept in the cab after getting in.. ( i would do that - such a lazy fellow )
and its amazing u take bath in the morning with such cold water. ( i could never do that :-) )

I was exactly thinking the same while reading what hem said.

heres 2nd possibility:

It would have been amazing if that girl's shift was not cancelled and ashish talks to that girl unnoticed about the turns and twists of the road and provided that girl not putting the company tag and both dont talk abt the company name they work for. instead they ask like how long have you been working in this company???. ;)

haha......... hey dude i think you are the king of coincidence.

hmmm.. @ Risha u really focused on most interesting part for me. But it did last long.

Hem, if i would not have taken bath in early morning, then i would definitely sleep in cab. and it would have been embarrassing coincidence.

Anuroj.. That will be too much..if girl's shift was not canceled then i am damn sure i would reach AMDOCS.

Prajal.. Will it be eligible for the next post in ur forum dude..

the story line up is good and u've tried to give lots of twist and turns but then your smartness didnt work and a suggestion u must try to write concisely and make it meaningful.

ya i know it is quite long but also i have escaped so many points..Meaningful i didnt get that.. Its not the moral lesson or some fairy tale..what was happened,i just portrayed..

ya i know you would reach Amdocs in any case in that case ;)

Yhe dude, all are waiting for it.....

Two thought came in mind:
What if you sat on back seat & girl got into the cab and occupied seat next to you?
Is it a real story? Without asking which company(as both driver and you are not familiar to each other), there is no name plate of company on vehicle, you are just checking all the cab number instead? I cant believe.

Anyway...nice article

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