Thursday, January 8

What a Coincidence!!

Yesterday, I met one Nepali colleague in my ofis at late night. Here is the story how i met her.

During my night shift, I went canteen late around midnight to get something to eat at night. Canteen is in next building about 300 yards away from my building. Today, I saw two gals near the entrance of Canteen and they were discussing in English .I thought it’s the style of gals. I took one juice, biscuit and lays(wafer).That much we could take with a single night coupon... Just before I finished my transaction at counter with canteen boy, they left the canteen taking their stuffs. They finished the kitchen’s bread taking 4 sandwiches. Else I always used to have one veg sandwich or bread item.. I never have seen these gals before in my 6 months long night shift. Gals are comparatively less preferred for night shift as well. I thought they are newly allocated to project. New comers are always loaded with night shifts. This is the tendency in my project.

I rushed back to my building as I had made few of my friends wait in facebook . There are 3 different buildings in my company premises in three different directions of the canteen. I thought they might belong to different annex else i might have seen them before. But surprisingly they were heading towards my building itself. But nowadays I am not interested talking with others as nobody cares no one in S/W industry. So I just overtook them in the middle of the way. I took lift that I rarely used just to bypass them. Just when lift door was about to close, I saw them rushing towards the lift. I was obliged to press the stop button of the lift. In between the lift and entrance gate there is one barrier where one has to swipe one’s card to get access and only one get through at a time just like entrance of concourse of Underground Metro Train in Kolkotta (I had seen it there for the 1st time). In the haste, they two might swipe the card at once and gate was not turning. And, here lift was again about to close. I heard them giggling. I pressed the stop button once more. Lift waits for about 30 seconds once we press stop button. Then they rush inside the lift before it closed for 3rd time. They both thanxed me as I made the lift wait for them. I just smiled to them.

I pressed 3 and one of them pressed 4. Oh. I guessed both were in same project in 4th floor. The lift was just about to pass 1st floor, One of them asked " Are you from Nepal?” looking at my T-shirt. I was wearing T-Shirt with the Logo of BAYOCA NEPAL ( Club of my brother , One of progressing NGO of Kathmandu) printed on it. I got it as the complementary gift from my brother when i went to Nepal last time as I am one of the dedicated well wishers of this (our) club. I thought she asked casually looking at my t-shirt and I answered simply YES.

There was no point to ask her where r u from in return? So I asked “In which project are you?" just to continue the conversation for one more floor coz by that time I saw 2 displayed in the lift. Just one more floor remaining, then I could escape. Both were in different projects in 4th floor. Lift was just about the reach 3rd floor, one replied “I am also from Nepal”. I was so surprised. Just speechless! She said she is from Siluguri. By that time lift door was already opened at 3rd floor. I was so confusion whether to say bye or just press stop button once more. I really wished to talk more with her as after long ™long time I met one Nepali (girl ) in my company. (Two years back, when I was fresher, I had met one Nepali gal. She was from Darjeeling. After that I never met her again because I got relocated to different location) Then I instantly decided to move one floor up and continued talking with her for couple of minutes. She was telling, she noticed me in the canteen itself from my face and was about to ask me in the canteen counter itself.

Then, she asked her friend that she would come later once reached 4th floor and we sat in one of the meeting rooms instead of going to her work place. I didn’t make out she is Nepali from her face as she is Brahmin and her face resembles normal Indian face. Then she said –“Didn’t
u see this Tilhari ( one red color necklace type ornament adorned with gold pendant, only worn by Nepali married women.) Oh U are married I replied. Though I saw that red color Tilhari in her neck in the lift itself, it didn’t click in my mind that it is worn only by Nepali women. While talking with her I came to know, she got married just a year ago and also joined company last year. Though from Siluguri, she speaks Nepali so well like typical Nepali and her ancestor home was in Baglung Distict near Pokhara in western Nepal. She had been Nepal for couple of times. I felt so nice to talk wid Nepali in late night in the office, else i always felt bore alone in my cubicle and comforted myself listening online songs and playing games.

While talking abt her past, She said she worked in Converges for 3 years before she joined Cognizant. Then i asked her -"I to also do have one friend who used work in the same company a year bac . Do u know her? She is also Nepali and her name is Rama." What a coincidence! She knew her and she told me she also had asked her the way she asked me “Are you Nepali?" feeling her face looks like Nepali. Oh! God.. We both laughed at once..

We expressed that we both were happy to meet each other. She was coming in night shift in the same project since last 3-4months. But we never had such coincidence before. This is S/W life. I asked her name again as I am very poor remembering the name of acquaintance. Then we exchanged the mobile number to be in touch and asked her to meet again. She asked me to give her miss call tomorrow before going canteen.

It is really so nice to meet person who speaks Nepali. This is just a coincidence. I thanked myself for wearing this T-shirt else i would miss this coincidence also.


This is normal incidence...
Nepalese are not rare in India.

Nepalese in not rare. But its rare in My company. Thats also in night shift.. :)