Thursday, January 22 is upgraded to

After more than one and half years in my blogging journey, I launched my blog with my own .com dropping the blogspot from my url. Now i am available in, a short and sweet name. But those who are accustomed with also dont have to worry about because that will also redirect to my same blog. I did this just to get rid of blogspot from readers views but still I am hosting my blog from same blogspot as i feel it simple and easy and also may be sort of mutual harmony. In fact, is the MiLeStOnE for me in bloggosphere.

Initially I faced few problems in publishing my blog with new domain name and may be many of my dear readers might have faced ERROR 404 while logging into my blog. It was due to same technical errors and also delay in transition.Now it is working fine.

Most of my readers may be wondering about my blog url What actually alapot is all about.. Is it the nick name of mine??or something else.. Still a big question mark.. Whatsoever it may be.. It's a MiLeStoNe for me and my life. I will come to you with next post elaborating detail about it.Big mystery behind a small thing. Till then enjoy reading

I would like to thank Hem and Prajwal who helped(insisted) me lot to get upgraded to from I also like to thank all my well-wishers who consistently helped me to make gradual improvement in the quality and look of my blog with their comments and suggestion and looking forward the same in future.


since was available and its short domain you should grab it.. it makes feel good to anyone who sees a .com domain rather than freely hosted domain. :-)

Good man.wont it be better to keep your own name like or..... rather than

Keep it up!

Ya udaya!! that wud be better but is unique of its kind and there is lots in alapot.. U ll come to know soon..

Ashish, Honestly I liked new look of your blog.
I look forward for more better & shall post my own view after detail look of your blog site.
Keep it up man!!!

Thanx udaya.. keep visiting ..

graet work............
finally u got

what is the meaning of alapot?

New look is nice...... :-)

Ramro chha naya look, tara ajai ramro pani hunasakchha

hey Anuroj don't lie, it's not nice, you also know that.

Hello Dear Anonymous!!

Wat do you mean??


i think you are uploading or putting every thing what you get from other sites. Make your blog specific, adding extra materials don't make it nice. keep this thing in your mind you fucker............ YOUR BLOG SUCKS

Hello Dear anonymous> kindly behave like the civilized ok.. U dont have to prove ur so cheap even if u are ??

and Mind ur language bull shit?

your blog is more cheap and bull shit,look at your blog at once don't make it dustbin