Thursday, January 22

www.alapot.blogspot.com is upgraded to www.alapot.com

After more than one and half years in my blogging journey, I launched my blog with my own .com dropping the blogspot from my url. Now i am available in www.alapot.com, a short and sweet name. But those who are accustomed with www.alapot.blogspot.com also dont have to worry about because that will also redirect to my same blog. I did this just to get rid of blogspot from readers views but still I am hosting my blog from same blogspot as i feel it simple and easy and also may be sort of mutual harmony. In fact,Blogspot.com is the MiLeStOnE for me in bloggosphere.

Initially I faced few problems in publishing my blog with new domain name and may be many of my dear readers might have faced ERROR 404 while logging into my blog. It was due to same technical errors and also delay in transition.Now it is working fine.

Most of my readers may be wondering about my blog url www.alapot.com. What actually alapot is all about.. Is it the nick name of mine??or something else.. Still a big question mark.. Whatsoever it may be.. It's a MiLeStoNe for me and my life. I will come to you with next post elaborating detail about it.Big mystery behind a small thing. Till then enjoy reading alapot.com.

I would like to thank Hem and Prajwal who helped(insisted) me lot to get upgraded to alapot.com from alapot.blogspot.com. I also like to thank all my well-wishers who consistently helped me to make gradual improvement in the quality and look of my blog with their comments and suggestion and looking forward the same in future.

Tuesday, January 20

How I am in New Look??

You may be wondering what I am talking about. I am not asking you about me , I am talking about my new look and feel of my blog. Change is so obvious in everybody/everything with time. It's just like survival of fittest (Darwin Theory).I was also bored with same outlook of my blog since long and was jealous of others fancy blog. This is not the 1st time I go with new template. I guess it has been more than 4-5 times I changed the look of my blog since I landed in blogosphere on 20th April 2007.Check out my 1st blog post with my intro and appeal to you all my dear readers.

I was planning to make my blog in three columns since long back. But I kept postponing for tomorrow and tomorrow always remained tomorrow only. But I really want to thank Prajwal (my good friend &young brother) ,who really insisted me so much to change my blog template. He is debut blogger and admin of Chatting website,Hamrochat.com  and recently launched new forum. Besides, I also got couple of comments/suggestions from my dear reader to clean up my blog. So today I might find it so auspicious and finally changed to a new template of my choice.

So I give full right to my all dear readers to judge this new look of my blog and hopefully looking forwards for many more comments and suggestion as usual. I am also coming up with few new changes in my blog very soon.. Till then, keep waiting.

Sunday, January 18

Heartfelt Condolence:: My Favourite TV show presenter Indra Lohani passed away.

I didn’t believe once I heard Indra Lohani, Presenter of TV program ‘BAHAS’ passed away when I was listening online Ujyaalo FM at around 10 PM, Friday. When I get spare time, I listen Nepali news and folk music online in Ujyaalo FM which broadcasts live news every hour. I was quite nervous and impatiently waited for the Headlines to repeat at the end of bulletin. But it was not covered in Headlines. Then, I got so confused. What I listened in the news , was it true? He is so young. How can it be? Such things came in my mind. 

Only the google.com is 1st option to clear any ambiguity. I searched with the key word “INDRA LOHANI”. So many results appeared with the news like “Breaking News: Advocate Indra Lohani passes away”, “TV Anchor Indra Lohani dies” and so on. I really felt so bad and his images and his poses in BAHAS program (this is only the program I saw him) got flash back in my mind.

This was news I read 1st regarding his demise. It was updated by ANLUS (Assocaition of NepaleseLawyers and Scholars in the US)

BREAKING NEWS: Advocate Indra Lohani passes away

Indra Lohani passes away

Supreme Court Advocate Indra Lohani passed away at Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu Friday evening. He was dead upon arrival at the hospital at 8.10 p.m., said Dr Sudhansu KC, one of the doctors at the hospital. The cause of death is not known yet. (republica).

Advocate Indra P. Lohani was an Associate Attorney with Dhruba Bar Singh Thapa & Associates (Anam Nagar, P.O. Box 828, Kathmandu, Nepal -Telephone: +977-1 425 7991; 423 9872, Fax: +977-1 435 0866; 425 2610,Email: lexnepal@ntc.net.np. He completed BL from Tribhuwan University, LLM in Business Law from National Law School, India and was a member of major national and international bar associations.

I then read all the news one by one. “Actually he had taken his four-year-old daughter for an outing to Guheswori temple at 5 p.m. He had complained of discomfort at the temple and had fainted for a while. After he regained consciousness, he asked locals to drop him at home. The advocate passed away because of cardic attack while being rushed from his house to the Norvic hospital. Lohani was a blood pressure patient. His body will be kept on the premises of Nepal Bar Association at 9 am on Saturday for final tributes. Lohani is survived by his wife, two daughters, father and mother. He was a permanent resident of Maharaji Jhoda of Jhapa district. He had been working as producer and presenter of TV talk shows for over a decade.”

I shared this sad news with my roommates and called my friend,HEM, who is also one of his fans like me. We used to appreciate him and his presentation skills in TV show “BAHAS”. I also had a chat with my friend Rajiv, who is a lawyer and working at Hyderbad. He is also fan of him and had a dream to talk with Lohani personally. In fact, Lohani was from him home town, Jhapa, Topgachi and one of the good friends of his father.

We thought he was only a guy with guts in media because he never feared to put truth outright in voice of general public while interviewing the politicians in/out the government even at the time of major crisis in the nation like King Massacre, Emergency etc. I never missed even a single episode of his program right from the starting till I stayed in Nepal. Even here in India, I sometimes watched his program online from Nepalnews.com. I was really so impressed by his skill of putting question sequentially supported by all written proofs and chronological evidences. He had depth knowledge in every issue and scrutinized every problem so well that he had hundreds of counter questions for each reply of politician. He didn’t like any hanky-panky and round about talk in his show that just might create ambiguity in general public. So he bluntly asked all in his talk show to answer in the language of general citizen. In his own words “Kripaya Janata le Bhujne Bhasha Ma Bhanidinus”. He stopped right there when anyone in the show tried to deviate the point of discussion. He used to give options for the answer i.e either A or B when politician tried to escape his question with diplomatic answer.These are the things that really fascinated me . He was simply the best TV show presenter for discussion forum. After all he was the senior advocate and also former Secretary of Bar Association.

Prachandra Interview with Indra Lohani in TV talk show 'BAHAS' 

I gave him Nick Name BANGE ( person with twisted body.plz don’t take it wrong meaning) because of his poses in his interview. He used to twist his body so much while interviewing and stared so suspiciously on the faces of participants such that they might get scared to tell lie. He is famous in my friend circle and family with his Nickname BANGE than his real name. It might be just a nightmare for all the politician to be interviewed by him. Now our entire politician might respite.

Hundreds of people -- justices, politicians, civil society members, journalists and others -- gathered at Bar Association premises to pay homage to Lohani as final tribute.The funeral procession began at about 12.15 pm on saturday. The body was taken to Pashupati Aryaghat for cremation. One of his relatives consigned his body to flame. Thousands of relatives, friends and well wishers had gathered at the Crematorium for Lohani´s last rites. 

Lohani Last Rites Performed at Pasthupati Nath Crematorium 

The legal fraternity , Media and Country as a whole lost a versatile and dynamic person. Everybody who is the fan of Lohani , is in deep sorrow in his untimely demise. I expressed heartfelt condolence and prayed for peace for departed soul. May almighty give strength to his family members to resist this unrecoverable loss. 

Now I am wondering who will run the Talk show program BAHAS. I did not find any face who is as competent as him for that show. But whoever he/she may be, he won’t be able to take Lohani’s space from the heart of his fan. He will always be missed and remembered.

Jai Hosh!!